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Chromium Diamond Coating Piston Ring (CDC)

December 30, 2021

Latest company news about Chromium Diamond Coating Piston Ring (CDC)

The most common type of coating for Piston Rings used to eliminate these disadvantages is chrome plating. However, under these harsh conditions, chrome plating is not enough. Some other common coatings used after chrome plating are tin, molybdenum, nickel, phosphate and nitrate.

DLC coating ensures that very low friction and vibration are reduced to the lowest levels possible. friction is reduced and resistance to wear is increased. DLC coating is environmentally friendly due to its features. It has strong chemical bonds and does not break under mechanical tension. They are not crystalline, they are amorphous. This material is a very strong material due to its structure. Compared to other coatings, it is more resistant to friction.

Coating Description

> Typical multilayer structure

> Diamond particles inlaid in coating mesh and pores


Coating characteristic

> High wear resistance, increased by 200% than CCC coating

> High thermal scuff resistance, no scuffing up to 290 ℃ ring groove tempreature

> Endure high mechanical load, increased by 20% than CCC coating with good performance under high combustion pressure


Piston ring DLC Coating characteristic

> Asymmetrical barrel shape on OD to improve oil film distribution for reduced oil consumption

> Bottom side small chamfer(0.15max) or sharp edge(semi-inlaid plating) to reduce the oil consumption

> Keystone or half-keystone section to eliminate carbon deposit in ring groove


Applicable material

> Ductile cast iron

> Alloy steel or nitrided stainless steel


Typical applications

> Top ring of Euro& above diesel engine recommended

> Taper land& step land oil control ring with high contact pressure recommended

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