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Quality Control Process


Refer to the ISO9001, TS16946 and SGS quality system and the supplier quality capability audit mode of Goetze, Mahle, Federal-Mogul and other companies, focusing on key processes and special processes, and conducting a comprehensive review of many factors affecting process quality.


(1) Organize process quality audits in a planned way, and make specific arrangements for audit content, time, frequency, personnel, etc., generally not less than twice a year;


(2) Examine whether the technical level and business ability of existing personnel meet the requirements of process quality control;


(3) Examine the product quality of purchased parts, outsourced parts, and raw materials, and the quality capabilities of subcontractors. Simulate Mahle's audit mode to conduct regular quality follow-up audits and comprehensive scores;


(4) Review the correctness, completeness and operability of the process regulations and work instructions. The important parameters and characteristic values of process control must undergo process evaluation or process verification, and there is a documented process evaluation certificate or process verification certificate;


(5) The storage, packaging, handling, and identification of raw materials, semi-finished products, and products must comply with the requirements of the procedure documents, and there must be no bumps, damage, or deterioration;


(6) Examine whether the integrity rate, special management rate, periodic inspection rate, etc. of production equipment, inspection and test equipment, tooling and measuring instruments meet the quality requirements of process control;


(7) Focus on reviewing process quality capabilities, quality records and statistical analysis results of process quality control points;


(8) Review the work quality of each interface department, and the connection between the interface departments should have continuity and stability;


(9) Use mathematical statistics to analyze process capability and defect analysis, find out the problems in process quality control, take effective corrective or preventive measures, and continuously improve and enhance the process quality capability.


Avaliable Certifications

AN HUI JI CHENG TRADING CO., LTD. quality control 0









    Standard: SGS
    Number: asi189345
    Issue Date: 2018-07-18
    Expiry Date:
    Scope/Range: Quality
    Issued By: SGS
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